Course Features

Obtain your Bachelor Degree in 3.5 years

HKUE’s students take only 3.5 years to complete a bachelor degree programme, which is half a year faster than the local university students. HKUE has adopted the Australian studying model. Our programmes comprise a 20-month Advanced Diploma course and an 18-month Bachelor Degree course. These programmes offered by TAFE SA, Melbourne Polytechnic and Australian University are highly articulated. Hence, most of our students can successfully obtain their degree conferred by the University of Tasmania. 

Career – Focused Programmes on Professional knowledge and skills

Our programmes are designed to prepare students for their future careers so that they can quickly gain employment after graduation.Therefore, a lot of real world examples are used for explanations during lessons, and students are highly involved in different case studies and group discussions.At the same time, hands-on training,internships, simulation training, visits and Chinese New Year Fair supports are also included in our courses so that they can practice and apply what they have learnt. 

Gain Qualifications from Prestigious Overseas Institutes that are Highly Recommended in the Sector

All academic qualifications (Certificate, Advanced Diploma & Bachelor Degree) are directly conferred by the overseas institutes. Melbourne Polytechnic and TAFE SA are the largest providers of vocational education and training (VET) in Australia. The qualifications awarded are recognized by universities in Australia, America, IUA,and Commonwealth countries. The University of Tasmania even ranks among the highest in Australia. It has been continuously qualified as an institute of Higher Education, by the Committee for Quality Assurance in Higher Education in Australia.