Lecturers' Profiles

Professional Teaching Team that Moves with Times HKUE’s teachers possess strong academic backgrounds, most of them are holders of  master degree or equivalent professional qualifications. They also possess solid industry experience as well as strong industry network, with the aim of giving their best to the students.

Teachers are reviewed and accessed on a yearly basis to ensure their teaching attitudes, passions and qualities are of good standard. A continuous education system is specifically set up to provide training for our teaching members, encourage them to participate actively in industry activities and stay on the pulse of industry developments. To ensure that our teaching model and content are synchronizing with the overseas standard, our international partners also provide exchange programs and workshops regularly to our teaching staff.

A Harmonious and Friendly Teacher and Student Relationship HKUE’s teachers are generous to share their knowledge and experiences with every student by words and examples. Not only are they eager to explore students’ potentials,but they are also earnest to walk with students in their lives, laugh and cry together with mutual support. Most of our graduates have maintained close relationships with our teaching staff.