Privacy Policy
You as Hong Kong Universal Education (HKUE) customer, in the trial or purchase our services and / or products ("Services"), may need to provide the Company, Associated Companies - Advanced Contemporary Education Centre (ACEC) and Asia Management Education Centre (AMEC) and Joint Promotion Parties (HKUE Limited and Ever Gain Investments Limited) with your personal data ("Personal Information"). If personal information is incomplete or incorrect, the Company may unable to provide or continue providing the services to you. 

We shall keep the confidentiality of your personal data.

The Company relating to the collection, use, preservation, disclosure, transfer, confidentiality and access to personal information policies and practices are in compliance with the laws of Hong Kong and Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, and has set out in this Policy Statement. 

You agree that the personal data provided to the Company can be used and saved to cater for the following purposes and for you and the Company has agreed or legal requirements from time to time for other purposes: 

1. To provide the service, include:
Member offers:
spending, value adding, bonus redemption, joint promotion, member activities. 

Member services:
reservation, application, daily operation, handling and following up member  enquiries, suggestions, complaints and suspected suspicious transactions.

Promotion products:
products and services promoted by HKUE , including but not limited to education courses, beauty services, medical beauty services, chiropractic services, dental services, ophthalmic services, physical examination and referral services, and sales of beauty and health products, medical products and financial product etc. 
Conducting services surveys to better understanding of customer’s needs.
2. The Company, our agents, subsidiaries or partners for the promotion of goods and related services and / or services for the promotion of goods and / or services;
3. To handle benefit from the service or relevant aspect;
4. To provide the service analysis, to verify and / or check your credit, payment and / or condition;
5. To handle your request of payment instructions, direct debit facilities and / or credit facilities;
6. To facilitate the daily operation of your account and / or related services to receive the amount due in your account;
You further agree that the Company may disclose and transfer (whether in Hong Kong、Macau、China or overseas) for the above purposes, use, disclosure, possession, handling, retention, or the right to transfer your personal information to our agents, contractors suppliers, telecommunications operators, third party accounts receivable agencies, credit reference agencies, security agencies, credit providers, banks, financial institutions, person responsible a duty of confidentiality for the Company, and actual assignee. 

In addition, according to your agreement with the Company, the Company can be disclosure and transfer your personal data (whether in Hong Kong、Macau、China or overseas) to HKUE and its companies, subsidiaries, associated companies and having an interest in company, and store the personal data in the Company or HKUE and its companies, subsidiaries, associated companies and having an interest in company held for the purposes described above, one or more database (may contain other information collected by the Company or HKUE and its companies, subsidiaries, associated companies and having an interest in company) to promote the Company and / or its companies, subsidiaries goods and / or services of associated companies and their ownership interest in company and used to compare your provided additional information to the above purposes to the Company and its companies, subsidiaries, associated companies and having interest in company.

Under the Ordinance, the Company reserves the right to charge reasonable charge for access to personal data processing.

For access to or correction of personal information, a copy of the personal data held by the Company, please write to the following address to request:
8/F, Union Park Centre, 771-775 Nathan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong. 

You may opt-out from receiving irrelevant promotion information with purchased services or products, or do not want the Company to disclosure, transfer or use of your personal data, contact us by mail or fax or e-mail quoting your name, contact number and applied course name and year : 

Company address: 8/F, Union Park Centre, 771-775 Nathan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong 
Fax no.: 2789 8508 
E-mail address: 
Please marked “refused to use the personal data for direct marketing” 

Under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, you have the right to: 
determine whether the Company holds your personal information; 
access to your personal information held by the Company within a reasonable time; 
check your personal information The Company held in a reasonable manner; 
require the Company to correct the incorrect personal information.
For inquiry, please email to