Bachelor Degree of Business & Advanced Diploma of Marketing

There are various options for obtaining a marketing degree in HK, as the marketing degree courses are offered by all universities in HK as well as other education institutions which specialized in marketing in business studies in HK. HKUE is a good example of above education institutions as it provides a marketing degree course for students in HK.

Graduates of the marketing degree course in HK may take up positions in a wide range of marketing fields in HK, including Sales Executive, Sales and Marketing Coordinator, Event Planning Executive, Public Relations Executive and Customer Services Officer, Marketing Executive, Marketing Planning Coordinator, Marketing Communications Officer, Brand Management Executive, Marketing Research Officer, Advertising Account Executive, Business Development Executive, etc, using their multiple skills and practical and academic knowledge in marketing which has been obtained through the study in marketing degree course.

Some marketing degree courses in HK can help students obtain a Bachelor Degree in marketing in 3.5 years, for example, the marketing degree courses provided by the HKUE. HKUE’s students take only 3.5 years to complete a full marketing bachelor degree programme, which is even half a year faster than the local university students from HKU, CUHK, HKUST and other universities in HK. The Australian studying model is adopted by the HKUE, so that students can complete the course and obtain the marketing degree in a much shorter period of time. HKUE’s marketing degree programmes comprise a 20- month Advanced Diploma course in Marketing and an 18-month Bachelor Degree course in Marketing. These marketing programmes, which are offered by TAFE SA, Melbourne Polytechnic and the University of Tasmania respectively, are highly articulated in HK and other places around the world. As a result most of HKUE’s students can successfully obtain their marketing degree conferred by the University of Tasmania.