Graduates working as Manager at top hotels in HK

A hotel manager is a person who oversees the operation of a hotel, or of a motel, a resort, a lodge, etc. The main areas of hotel management include, but not limited to, management of facilities in a hotel, management of hotel staff, guest satisfaction and customer service, marketing and business management, financial accounting, purchasing, upkeep and sanitary standards of hotel facilities, sales management, revenue management, and many other functions. Hotel manager often refers to General Manager, or other similar title, of a hotel who serves as the head executive of a hotel. A hotel property may sometimes require additional duties, depending on the special features of it.

The duties and responsibilities of a hotel manager may vary a lot, depending on the hotel's size, purpose, and the owner’s expectations. The subordinate hotel department managers who are responsible for individual departments and distinctive functions of the operation of the hotel usually support the hotel manager in various aspects, i.e. operational duties, managing employee performance, handling dissatisfied guests, managing work schedules, purchasing supplies, interviewing potential job candidates, conducting physical walks and inspections of the hotel facilities and public areas. The most common workplace environment of a hotel is very fast-paced. A capable hotel manager requires high levels of interaction with guests, employees, investors, and other managers. Due to the 24-hour operation of a hotel, a hotel manager is usually exposed to long shifts, including night hours, weekends and public holidays. However, the upper management of a hotel, which consists of hotel manager, senior managers and department heads, may still occasionally enjoy a more desirable work schedule with holidays and weekends off.

A hotel manager is often required to attend various meetings including regular management meetings, department meetings and training seminars for staff’s professional development. In general, a hotel manager is supposed to know about all the current local events, as well as the events being held in the hotel.