Part Time Diploma Course in Business in Hong Kong

Options of part time diploma course in business are not rare in Hong Kong. Part time Diploma in Business Administration and Secretarial Studies is one of the part time courses which help Hong Kong students obtain a diploma in business.

Hong Kong has a reputation for being one of the freest economies in the world. Hong Kong also has a level playing field in business, commerce and a fair and equitable society which is abiding by the rule of law. This unique environment in Hong Kong has continued to give Hong Kong a competitive edge in business.

The part time diploma courses in business in Hong Kong are introduced to provide students in Hong Kong with knowledge and skills to the workforce in Hong Kong, in the areas of business administration, secretaryship, compliance and ethics, etc. The part time diploma courses in business are able to equip students with wide-scope knowledge not only in business administration concepts, but also in secretarial practices.
In the courses teachers can develop the business communication skills and customer relation management of students in the workplace, in the Hong Kong context. Besides, teachers can equip business students with some fundamental accounting concepts and basic bookkeeping skills, which enable students to become a business expert who can take up the daily account related tasks during office operation. Other than that, teachers can equip students with concepts and skills in records management for daily office operation in a business environment and develop their interest towrads office administration and to appreciate the business administrative role within a business organisation.
Graduates of the part time diploma courses in business in Hong Kong can articulate to the Advanced Diploma course or Higher Diploma course in different area, including Business, Corporate Administration and Governance, etc, with a maximum of three modules exemption.