Business Degree & Diploma in Hong Kong

There are a wide variety of options for business diploma in Hong Kong. Some of the business diploma courses in Hong Kong are conducted in the mode of evening course. Evening course are very popular in Hong Kong as they are designed for those who need to work during the normal office hour on one hand and want to pursuit a business diploma at the same time on the other hand.

Some business diploma courses in Hong Kong, which are in the mode of evening course, can help students obtain a Bachelor Degree in 3.5 years, for example, the courses provided by the HKUE. HKUE’s students take only 3.5 years to complete a full bachelor degree programme, which is even half a year faster than the local university students. The Australian studying model is adopted by the HKUE, so that students can complete the course and obtain the business degree in a much shorter period of time. HKUE’s programmes comprise a 20- month Advanced Diploma course in Business and an 18-month Bachelor Degree course in Business. These programmes, which are offered by TAFE SA, Melbourne Polytechnic and the University of Tasmania respectively, are highly articulated in Hong Kong and other places around the world. As a result most of HKUE’s students can successfully obtain their degree conferred by the University of Tasmania. 

The business programmes are designed to prepare students for their future careers in the business field. A lot of real life examples in the world of business are used for explanations during the evening course and other lessons, in which students are highly involved in numerous case studies and group discussions. At the same time, hands-on training, internships, simulation training, visits and Chinese New Year Fair supports are also included in the business courses so that students can practice and apply what they have learnt.