HKUE’s facilities are reviewed on a regular basis for advancement, with the aim of enhancing students’ learning experience and providing them with a comfortable learning environment.

Stimulated Hotel Training Room

The stimulated hotel training room is fully fitted and equipped with professional facilities and infrastructures that are up to the industry standard. It was used as the competition venue for “Hong Kong  Barista Championship” organized by the Hong Kong Professional Coffee Association previously. This training room is set up to stimulate the workplace environment, providing students with opportunities to put theory into practice and understand the operation of a hotel, as well as making them well-equipped with the essential skills and well-prepared for their future career.

Study Room

The Study Room is located on the upper floor of the classrooms, a comfortable environment with a wide range of textbooks for student’s research materials. Borrowing services are available to help students complete their assignments. Students can use this area for revision or complete self-study exercises. In addition, the Study Room has WIFI and computer equipment. Students can use a variety of software applications and online research for information purposes. Besides, photocopying services are also available.

Student Common Area

The Student Common Area supplements the learning resources and facilities at HKUE. It enables formal and informal interaction between students. These are some facilities that student can access by an appointment / booking, thus, enabling“team-work” and group discussions. The Student Common Area also provides dedicated, high quality Internet access with free Wi-Fi for the students.